The below agreement is between KOLMIN HEALTHCARE and you ( yourself or customer). The terms and conditions will come into effect when you order a product from our website and will be applicable to all office bearers, authors, publishers, staff and directors of the company manufacturing, storing, distributing or selling products.


  1. Use of  Kolminhealthcare is not responsible for third party links or external sites linked to our website We are not responsible directly or indirectly for any form of loss or damage caused by these external sites.
  2. Indemnification as You agree to hold KOLMIN HEALTHCARE and its affiliates and directors harmless and free from any liability, claims or damages arising out of your use of the product mentioned on the site.
  3. Warranty Disclaimer for any product by Kolminhealthcare will not be under any circumstances held responsible for any language, notes, statements, opinions, efficacy or claim laid out on the website. We urge to you to seek professional help on health, financial and lifestyle information put up on the website.
  4. Sales policy:-  Price of the product doesn’t include any government charges, taxes or duties related to sales, marketing, licensing, warehousing.
  5. Cancellation:- Due to the high demand for our superior grade products, we will unfortunately not be able to process cancellation requests. Please exercise caution in this regard when ordering.
  6. Shipping:- While we normally take 4 to 10 days for ground shipping, we will not be under any circumstance be responsible for any delays by the manufacturer, shipping company or external reasons such as but not limited to customs, duties or incorrect postal address.


1. Shipping Costs
Shipping costs are calculated during checkout based on weight, dimensions and
destination of the items in the order. Payment for shipping will be collected
with the purchase.
This price will be the final price for shipping cost to the customer.

2. Dispatch Time
Orders are usually dispatched within 2 business days of payment of order
Our warehouse operates on Monday – Friday during standard business hours, except
on national holidays at which time the warehouse will be closed. In these
instances, we take steps to ensure shipment delays will be kept to a minimum.

3. Change Of Delivery Address
For change of delivery address requests, we are able to change the address at
any time before the order has been dispatched.

5. P.O. Box Shipping
JOVIAN ENTERPRISE will ship to P.O. box addresses using postal services only. We
are unable to offer couriers services to these locations.

6. Military Address Shipping
We are able to ship to military addresses using USPS. We are unable to offer
this service using courier services.

7. Delivery Time Exceeded
If delivery time has exceeded the forecasted time, please contact us so that we
can conduct an investigation

8. Parcels Damaged In Transit
If you find a parcel is damaged in-transit, if possible, please reject the
parcel from the courier and get in touch with our customer service. If the
parcel has been delivered without you being present, please contact customer
service with next steps.


We understand your need for superior products from KOLMIN HEALTHCARE  and make it possible for arranging the same for you. If you still receive a wrong product, we can arrange for no-questions asked 30-day money back policy on opened- unopened bottles. Please make sure to return all products if taken under an buy one get one free™ or any similar offer.

What it excludes?

  1. The refund amount excludes any shipping charges, taxes, packaging and handling incurred during the original shipping of the product.
  2. The refund will not be done if the product is damaged, spoiled or missing.
  3. The refund will not happen if all the factors listed below is not taken into account


  1. Contact our sales team by writing a mail at within 30 days to arrange fa or refund and getting return shipment address
  2. Keep the original packaging, including additional items like promotional products, manuals, warranty documents, sealed devices
  3. You would need to arrange the shipment of the product back to us and bear any charges towards the same.
  4. We should receive the package within 30 days of the date of you receiving the package initially
  5. The refund amount will be in the form of a cheque drafted in the name of the person who ordered the product. It will be processed within 60 days of receiving the package back


The products have not been tested by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The product is not meant to cure any illness or disease. Please consult your physician or doctor before taking these. The details presented on the website are meant for information only and are not diagnosis or symptoms of any particular physical or mental condition. No director, distributor, author or publisher can be held responsible for any way of the product is taken without the consent of a certified and qualified physician or healthcare practitioner. Furthermore, no guarantees are given as regards the performance of the product mentioned on the website. The FDA has neither verified the product nor has there been meticulous double binding lab testing been carried out to test whether the drug is particularly effective against a particular physical or mental condition.


Your purchase of the product advertised on the website through any of its affiliates or distributors or through the site constitutes a binding agreement to the dispute resolution process. By agreeing to this agreement you agree to give up your right to approach a court of law and a right to jury trial when you purchase the product advertised on the website.

There cannot be under any circumstance any class action suit or purported representative suit brought forward by any person who purchased the product or on his or her behalf. The arbitrator, you or your legal representative cannot combine multiple legal cases against KOLMIN HEALTHCARE under the same jurisdiction or same class action. The arbitrator further cannot preside over any class action suit or representative proceeding against any staff, member, officer, director, seller, re-seller or distributor.

By agreeing to this dispute resolution process agreement you accept your understanding that you will file a claim against KOLMIN HEALTHCARE only in individual capacity and not as part of the plaintiff in a class action or representative proceeding. In case you do not agree to these terms and have already bought the product then you need to submit your opinion in writing and return the product as per our policy.